30th January 2013

“The freedom to practice religion is an important civil right that even we secularists should support. But the believer must, in turn, refrain from practicing that religion on other people, so to speak.”


One Response to “30th January 2013”

  1. Kit Says:

    There isn’t complete freedom to practice all things believed to be demanded by a personal god and labeled “religion”. For instance, Christians can’t force everyone to listen to their prayers “in Jesus’ name” any longer in public schools and the pissing and moaning about it just gets worse every year. They want access to all the kids – they figure to save mine from the pits of hell. They pray for me to become a slave to their worship-mongering overlord. It hasn’t worked yet – I guess he doesn’t want my adoration – it comes with a price. Reality. Many believe they have been given a “mandate” by god to convert and preach to others… protect unwanted pregnancies – build huge churches and run multi-million/billion dollar industries using the idea of god – Osteen & Rick Warren come to mind