4th April 2008

“The wonderfully impractical scheme concocted by Karl Rove and his allies was for America to somehow buck the universal western trend [and] to leave its citizens even less secure by shifting assistance programs from the state to faith-based charities and private enterprise, thereby creating a perpetual church-going Republican majority.”

Gregory Paul

4 Responses to “4th April 2008”

  1. avoiceinthewilderness Says:

    The first thing I want to say is that very few people realize that there is a “religious left.” I think that the reason that people don’t realize this is because those of us who are a part of this group try to follow the teachings that we were exposed to in our religious institutions-judge not less you be judged, be humble, be patient, be kind, etc…
    As a result, we never think that we have the right to force our opinions on anyone.
    I do not understand how some of these lunatics could have heard the same sermons that I did and interpret them so incorrectly!!
    As a child, church was a place where I left wanting to be a better person.
    What did these guys hear?
    Maybe it’s like dyslexia. We can call it, Theolexia.

  2. Chris Says:

    The religious right in this country is responsible for destroying the lives of countless people in africa. They’ve manage to defund secular NGOs and only give money to faith-based organizations that strive to curtail condom use by selling abstinence-which we all know doesn’t work and has only served to radically increase the infection rates for a raft of sexually transmitted diseases. As Lewis Black said, “these people are stone cold fuck nuts.” Sure, they’ll help you but the cost is you have to believe their crap and sacrifice your health. They weren’t listening to the same sermons I heard either. I have christian-left friends and they walk the talk and I can’t fault them. I don’t know know how these vicious right wingers can sleep at night.

  3. Critic Says:

    As a result, we never think that we have the right to force our opinions on anyone.

    So, it appears that the religious left may have an approach to religion that is the lest offensive to progressive intellectual (e.g. nontheistic) thought. However, they do not have the balls to tell the fundies that they are idiots. So, their silence merely reinforces the idiotic babel of the religious right. I see no good in this situation.

  4. Tzuriel Says:

    avoiceinthewilderness and Chris:

    Amen to both of you. I am a member of the left, and, if I decide to go religious, would then be a member of the religious left. The religious right is one of the most evil organizations rearing its ugly head today. Nowhere in Christianity does it say, “Thou shalt take away the free will of everybody else and make them Christians.” Yet so many act that way. In many ways, it’s because of idiots like that that make all the intelligent religious people be treated like idiots, cause we get lumped into that group by atheists, like Critic, whose position I can totally understand (though I think it’s wrong). It’s a source of endless frustration. Rather like being a white guy. Much as I am grateful for my heritage, thinking about what europeans have done to indigenous peoples all over the globe makes me ashamed and wish I was a different race sometimes. Course, you can change your religion but not your race (supposedly). There are intelligent, caring religious people. They just get trampled by everybody else.


    I disagree (as usual). They are not silent. For instance, Obama would be a member of this religious left. He is hardly silent. But you do have a point. Many people don’t think of the left as even being remotely religious, which is wrong, as this is America. Lots of religious folks. A lot of the reason people associate the left with nonreligious feelings is because of the slime thrown by the right, by people like Anne Coulter, the stupidest woman on the planet today (that is a very prestigious honor). But, like most everything said by the religious right, it’s not true.