22nd February 2013

“There is no possibility whatsoever of reconciling science and theology, at least in Christendom. Either Jesus rose from the dead or he didn't. If he did, then Christianity becomes plausible; if he did not, then it is sheer nonsense. I defy any genuine scientist to say that he believes in the Resurrection, or indeed in any other cardinal dogma of the Christian system.”

H.L. Mencken1880 – 1956

4 Responses to “22nd February 2013”

  1. R J Says:

    i dont know if any of you guys know of Krista Tippett…..

    she has a weekly NPR (american public media ) radio show which is

    generally concerned with “faith.”

    lotsa times she likes to talk with people in the sciences about religion and faith


    anyway, she had this guy on one time who was some big hoo-hah

    in the science world and he pretty much flat told her that is his opinion,

    religion was a huge load of BS…………..HOWEVER………he DID believe

    that there was a need in many people to establish and cling to faith

    beliefs as a way of coping with the vagaries and mysteries connected with

    living . even such impossible beliefs as the resurrection.

    as i look around me…..i think he was right

  2. Dan Says:

    Coping mechanisms come in many forms. Some are positive, others negative, for the overall mental and physiological health of a person.

    Take alcohol, for instance. It can relax inhibitions and make for a fun evening with friends – in moderation. Or as a coping mechanism it can destroy lives.

    Religion can be neutral in moderation also. But taken as a mechanism for coping with desperate living conditions, it can and does drive one to destroying their life (with a bunch of C4 strapped to his chest).

  3. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    Ah, hold on a minute Mr. Mencken apparently just the other day the Sun god Ra created an object 6 times the size of Earth. An obvious sneer at all the doubters and disbelievers who have questioned the creation of the little old Earth in 6 days. You want evidence? Science and theology has just been reconciled.

    “Over the course of two days in February, scientists watched something amazing happening on the surface of our sun: A giant black spot grew to over six Earths in diameter.”


  4. WPJ Says:

    Mencken’s quote I believe reflects all relevant points in this brief quotation regarding analysis of atheist belief. Pray tell (pun intended) what am I babbling about: belief in a supernatural power who interacts with the planet can not rationally be justified, i.e. One must endeavor to take “a leap of faith”. I myself, have not been able to justify such an action (being a man who believes in an empirical road in the quest for truth). Much as I would like it to be true, I have never seen a man rise from the dead. May the discussion continue, and be both engaging and enjoyable!