20th April 2013

“Religion is dangerous because it influences behavior using false beliefs, which is more likely to result in undesirable outcomes.”

Ayanna Watson

3 Responses to “20th April 2013”

  1. R J Says:

    ”Undesirable Outcomes” ??????

    beheadings, bombings, needless surgeries, shootings, stabings,

    burnings, chemical warfare, threats of nuclear devastation, beatings,

    stonings, and, mass murders……………

    is THAT what she means ???? or am i all off ?

  2. R J Says:

    oh yeah……

    let’s not forget the fun guys who murder their daughters

    for behaving ” disgracefully .”

    thak you SOOOOOO much, religion, for your wise guideance.

  3. kit Says:

    RJ – you covered so much. I would add that the smugness that many feel when they mistake sheer luck or coincidence for “god’s blessings” putting themselves above others on the rightous ladder – as they look down at the less fortunate as having some flaw at not being chosen to be favored by “god”….

    How do people make claims that “god was with me” “god spared me or protected me” after something like that Boston Marathon bombing. What the hell does that say about the 8 year old boy and his entire family who were struck… or the young woman? Or the exchange student? What… that god didn’t save them.. hmmf must have not deserved it…. that is what the underlying message is. And that is evil.