30th June 2013

“Atheists think for themselves and examine all available evidence with a critical eye. They tend to be unconcerned with what others think of their opinions, and honest with themselves when presented with empirical evidence contrary to what they might have once believed. They are also rightfully wary of organized religion and the dangers of charismatic religious leaders. Their viewpoints offer a unique perspective on the mysteries of the universe and push the religious to confront their own beliefs, promoting a healthy questioning that is necessary for the strengthening of one's mind and spirit.”


2 Responses to “30th June 2013”

  1. Capt'Z Says:

    Many times people arrive at atheism because of their ability to reason but that is clearly not the only path, given the other species of woo that both atheists and religious can fall prey to. You don’t have to believe in God believe other wacky stuff without evidence. I wish just being an atheist was proof against unjustified beliefs but it seems to me this isn’t so. So let’s dial back the self congratulating.

  2. Digdougdogman Says:

    Sounds more like a description of being a sceptic.