28th July 2013

“If literature which states that homosexuals should be regarded as criminals and legally punished for their activities is to be proscribed, and if people who promote and distribute such literature are to be arrested, then the Bible should also be proscribed. For all we may properly protest that the Levitical law does not apply in this age of the new covenant, and that in any case the UK is not ancient Israel, and that nobody really thinks we should carry out such sentences, there can be no denying the the Bible says these things.”


12 Responses to “28th July 2013”

  1. RJ Says:

    the bible is, in part, a collection of lunatic hallucinations.

    sometimes, it offers a few decent insights into


    but not too often.

    and the only creature that seems to need assurance

    about these is man.

    now………..why might that be ???

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