26th August 2013

“Early settlers came to this land [the US] to avoid having kings and governments forcing them to participate in State Churches. They wanted religious freedom. What would they think of current politicians trying to use state government power to force religion down their throat?”

John E. Traube

4 Responses to “26th August 2013”

  1. D Says:

    As long as the “official” religion was generic enough and Christian, or otherwise in-line with their own flavor or religion, Most early settlers in the US would probably not have a problem with it. The official reason for coming to America was to escape religion persecution. Unfortunately the experience of being persecuted for their religion did not result in a great sympathy and tolerance for those of other religions who were also being persecuted, or not. After arriving in America, they were now free to reveal the other reason for coming to America: to expand their religion by forcing it on everyone else.

  2. Capt'Z Says:

    Well said, D.

  3. Jeff Says:

    D & Z,

    Persecution has never had the effect of creating tolerance, as one must only look to Israel for proof – born of the Holocaust, and practicing Apartheid. Carter was the best friend that Israel ever had, and he’s been completely rejected because he was friend enough to tell them the truth.

  4. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    …and religion is just the tool. Those kings and governments didn’t stay where they were they followed the early settlers. They set up shop in the south as Confederates for example. When they were smacked down by the freedom seekers they didn’t just forget their motivations they hijacked Lincoln’s party. They are among us still.