28th August 2013

“Religion is important in the life of one-half of U.S. women, whereas not even for one of six Europeans… Europe wastes little time or energy on fights over reproductive rights. The abortion battle here [in the US] consumes us. What do we get in return: a much higher teen pregnancy rate, which in turn produces higher costs and greater need for social services.”

Bonnie Erbe

One Response to “28th August 2013”

  1. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    There is a history of opposition to abortion that has some validity but no one in the pro-life movement is aware of. This history has no modern context, let alone an awareness. Just this blind opposition based upon tradition alone.

    Unable to explain why abortion is a bad thing in terms that are compelling to modern youth pregnancy becomes a taboo and a favorite act of defiance for many teenagers.

    This kind of reliance upon conservative values becomes its own undoing. I often think “how dumb?”.