25th April 2008

“The rules create a system of total submission to church doctrine. They discourage independent thought and action. And the result is the destruction of old communities and old friendships. Believers are soon enclosed in the church community. They are taught to place an emphasis on personal experience rather than reasoning, and to reject the rational, reality-based world. For those who defy the system, who walk away, there is a collective banishment.”

Chris Hedges

4 Responses to “25th April 2008”

  1. Tzuriel Says:

    “They are taught to place an emphasis on personal experience rather than reasoning”

    Now that’s an interesting statement. Can one only base your reasoning on your experience? The only way to deny this is to believe in dualism, a theory with many, many problems. While I understand Chris Hedges sentiment, I think he’s got it wrong here. I think the emphasis should be placed on both. Emphasizing personal experience over reasoning creates problems, but emphasizing reasoning over personal experience does as well. They should be held at equal levels.

  2. Nefari Says:

    I agree, Tzuriel. That left me uncomfortable as well, as I value my personal experiences greatly, and they led me to where I am. I think he meant not so much an emphasis on experience, but rather a lack of usage in reasoning; that is, faith and dogma.

  3. Nefari Says:

    I never heard of this guy before. Wikipedia has an article on him. I found this in the links on the Wiki:


    I found it to be an interesting interview.

  4. Tzuriel Says:

    Very interesting, Nefari. I think Chris Hedges is my new hero. He said everything I’ve been trying to say this whole time. It’s not about who’s right. It’s about the various good or evil of the two groups. Everyone on this site should read that interview. Let’s get a real discussion going.