11th October 2013

“The Ten Commandments were derived from situational ethics. They show every symptom of having been man-made and improvised under pressure. They are addressed to a nomadic tribe whose main economy is primitive agriculture and whose wealth is sometimes counted in people as well as animals. They are also addressed to a group that has been promised the land and flocks of other people: the Amalekites and Midianites and others whom God orders them to kill, rape, enslave, or exterminate.”

Christopher Hitchens1949 – 2011

2 Responses to “11th October 2013”

  1. The Heretic Says:

    RIP. Miss your voice CH.

  2. Jeff Says:

    The fact that something is “improvised under pressure” doesn’t always mean that it is bad, a fact that Hitch failed to note. I believe that it was Bob Heinlein who called the Declaration of Independence a “work order issued under fire”, and Mr. Jefferson’s words hold up quite well for the pressure, none the less. Not to mention that a great deal of the wealth of this nation was counted in people as well as animals, too.

    Just a bit of a counter point. I both get and agree with Hitch’s main thrust.