22nd November 2013

“I'd like to register some small measure of protest against an institution that indoctrinated me for hours upon countless hours during my childhood in drafty churches and my RC schools. I'd just like to let them them know that I'm now over the years of lying awake at night worrying that I was going to be damned to eternal hellfire and that I've almost rid myself of its insidious guilt complex and that I'd like to completely disassociate myself from their immoral views and the idiot outpourings of the Pope, and that they should not include me any more in their register of followers.”


One Response to “22nd November 2013”

  1. Rich Wiltshir Says:

    I discovered that baptism was imposed upon me by the cofE children’s home in which I spent my first year. The Archdeacon said he thought it’d be illegal to acknowledge I rejected that bizare grooming practice. Only when I announced I’d be prepared to wait in his office until he was available did he provide the letter I’d asked for.

    Imposition of an institution’s customs is unacceptable: it’s a direct debit mandate on your self-respect. When that institution is part of the religious industry, it’s worse because there is zero evidence to sustain their claims. Perhaps its the vacuous nature of their foundations that reveals childhood grooming to be the most effective recruitment methods?

    Fear, shame, guilt and other forms of abuse leave scars on the psyche. It is immoral, shallow and shameful for any adult to fuel his or her career in this or similar fashion.