4th December 2013

“Outside Western Europe, religion has forced itself dramatically into the public square. In 1960 John Kennedy pleaded with Americans to treat his Catholicism as irrelevant; now a born-again Christian sits in the White House and his most likely Democrat replacement wants voters to know she prays.”

The Economist

3 Responses to “4th December 2013”

  1. Paul Silvan Says:

    Unfortunately, in order to be elected president in this backwards country you MUST convince the people that you believe in god. Fortunately, the fact that one prays does NOT necessarily mean that she believes that it will work.

  2. Jeff Says:

    Don’t even get me going on the oaths of office, one of which has been unconstitutionally amended every time it has been administered since I’ve been alive, and I was born in the first Eisenhower administration. It seems that our chief justices can’t read the GD constitution. “SO HELP ME GOD” is not part of the oath (Article II, Section 1, Paragraph 9), and frankly constitutes a religious test specifically prohibited in Article VI, Paragraph 3, as no atheist should be willing to swear or affirm anything based upon the help of the majority’s imaginary friend.

  3. Paul Silvan Says:

    It should be illegal to vote based upon religious beliefs. It should be illegal to even ASK or discuss a candidate’s religion. Unfortunately, most people NEED an imaginary friend in order to feel comfortable, and if you don’t have an imaginary friend, or if yours has a different name than the majority’s imaginary friend you are NOT going to be elected unless you lie about it. Fortunately, lying comes easily to politicians.