24th December 2013

“Evolution offers a far richer and more spectacular vision than any religion.”

Richard Dawkins

2 Responses to “24th December 2013”

  1. Paul Silvan Says:

    Creationism is an extreme oversimplification for those lacking the intellect to comprehend scientific concepts.

  2. Jeff Says:

    Frankly, Paul, I think you’re being too hard on most of the human race. It isn’t the intellect they lack, it’s the training, including that of the teachers who are teaching the subject.

    As a “for instance”, take my nephew, a Middle School science teacher in rural Ohio. His choice of teaching as a career was to facilitate his desire to continue his baseball career as a coach / manager, because it was ended due to the insane way pitcher’s arms are treated when they were young, and therefore the damage caused in his senior year of high school. He got into college on a baseball scholarship, but his arm was so damaged that he could only play first base – not a road to the bigs. So he got a teaching degree, and took the first job that looked like he had a shot at a coaching slot. He has about as much understanding of science as a phone booth, and passes his disdain for the subject right on to his students. His understanding of biology ends somewhere near his genital region, and physics is a complete mystery as to why anyone cares beyond the flight of a batted ball. Any wonder why his kids never get anywhere near an understanding of science as a way of understanding the world?