30th December 2013

“For all their aspirations for transcendent truth and higher purpose, religions behave like any other worldly individual or organisation and end up doing what protects their secular interests, not what most aligns with their values.”

Julian Baggini

One Response to “30th December 2013”

  1. Jeff Says:

    It could just be that it is because they are human, and that’s the way we’re wired. While altruism is a hard wired value, it is because there is a known method of playing all game scenarios call “Tit for Tat” which depends upon the first move in the game being mutually beneficial. No matter how the second player responds, the first player then responds in exactly the same manner. Therefore, if one offers a mutually beneficial opening, and is responded to in kind, the players cooperate. If otherwise, then they compete openly. It’s a really easy system, and it is proven to be the best way to deal in any situation. Therefore, hard wired into the brain.