5th March 2014

“Christians today immediately recognize that the ancient Greeks were deluded and had wild imaginations when they worshipped their pantheon of Gods, and likewise an atheist might say the same about Christianity.”

Dave Bruemmer

One Response to “5th March 2014”

  1. Jeff Says:

    It is simple: Anthropologists have determined that during the life of mankind somewhere around 2900 divine beings have been worshiped by men. (Please excuse the sexist phrasing.) Therefore, the Abrahamic religions having rejected 2899 of them, they themselves are 99.99999655172…% of the way to being atheists.

    My question is this: Why is that last .00000344938… % so hard for so many? Can’t they see that if all those other are false gods, then it is nearly certain that so is theirs?