16th March 2014

“The triple contagion of nationalism, utopianism and religious absolutism effervesce together into an acid that corrodes the moral metal of a race, and it shamelessly and even proudly performs deeds that it would deem vile if they were done by any other.”

Louis de Bernières

2 Responses to “16th March 2014”

  1. Jeff Says:

    Would that we could rid the world of all three – here in America the notion that we hold a special place among nations is our national shame. Utopianism is the particular shame of the former Communist block. Religions absolutism can and does rear its ugly head in all parts of the world, and anywhere all three emerge simultaneously is a place to be avoided at all costs, and as quickly isolated as possible to let it fester while the rest of us hold the line.

  2. Will Says:

    Like it or not, the world is now our neighborhood. Avoidance fails to examine sources of problems. All humanity competes for resources; how to do this without hubris, violence, parochialism and exceptionalism is the challenge. It’s time we think creatively about how to eliminate religious extremism.