21st March 2014

“After a great deal of research and countless visits, conversations and false trails, I had to accept that I could not find one single example of Christian healing (or any other supernatural healing). There were plenty of claims, but very little evidence, and certainly no evidence that would stand up in a documentary. What I did find was something that shocked me – the bamboozling of frightened, suffering, suggestible people by Christians who offered them the hope of a miraculous cure, if their faith were strong enough. Religious tolerance is difficult in such cases.”

Minette Marrin

One Response to “21st March 2014”

  1. Will Walsh Says:

    As a health professional working with terminally ill patients, I sometimes heard family members or other health care staff say about a deceased patient, “He didn’t pray hard enough.” Inwardly I cringed, and my most appropriate response was a
    nonverbal expression of understanding.