13th August 2014

“Moral indignation is jealousy with a halo.”

H. G. Wells1866 – 1946

One Response to “13th August 2014”

  1. R J Says:

    h g wells WAS a man of letters, so, for him to turn a spiffy phrase like

    the above would have been the work of a moment……and at first blush it

    does seem to ring as a clever statement. but i dont think, it carries much

    truth. even for believers it’s not much.

    feeling moral indignation is really open to everybody……but it’s NOT

    always the result of halo-clad jealousy.

    in our lovely world of today their are horribly immoral acts being carried out

    daily in the mid-east, in africa, in russia, and by our very own government.

    and rightly, other people in the world view these acts as morally depraved.

    but what is there to be jealous about when a ”man” slices off a childs

    head ?? or puts a bullet in a school girl ?? or fails to create workable

    legislation to try to curb tragic shootings.

    i wish i could know the context for the wells statement. maybe then i

    might appreciate his intent .

    note to WJP re post of 8-11 ………………..

    i have a feeling you may not know who sam harris is.