23rd August 2014

“The only difference between a church and a cult is real estate.”

Frank Zappa1940 – 1993

2 Responses to “23rd August 2014”

  1. R J Says:

    well yeah, i guess that could be a sort of generalized way to

    view churches and cults ………….. but cults , if successful in attracting new

    members ( and their wallets ) CAN expand their holdings amazingly.

    Scientology even runs their own cruise ships !

    but, real estate notwithstanding , modern electronic communications

    provide a nearly limitless reach for the propagation of ideas ………. and

    churches and cults are fully aware of the potential .

  2. R J Says:

    one more thought…………………

    if you’re not aware of Joel Osteen , check him out. this guy uses a

    basketball arena ( ! ) that he BOUGHT for his home-base house of worship .

    and of course, some of the services (sermons) are televised . i worked in

    tv for a long long while, and i can tell you the tv production for his

    ministries is very very slick. and the guy has incredible presence as a

    speaker. if he ever dips his oar into politics, i really think he’d have a

    chance of pulling a ton of voters to him ………. or maybe a huge

    portion of the feminine vote …………….. he can really work the