30th May 2008

“A glance at history, or at the pages of any newspaper, reveals that ideas which divide one group of human beings from another, only to unite them in slaughter, generally have their roots in religion.”

Sam Harris

3 Responses to “30th May 2008”

  1. Terence Meaden Says:

    “One of the great curses of civilisations since the dawn of time has been their religions. More blood has been spilled in the zealous upholding of the great faiths than in any other cause. And the timeless irony of this is that the world’s chief monotheistic belief systems universally preach love and forgiveness and tolerance.” Richard and Judy Madeley. Daily Express, London. 2005.

  2. Chris Says:

    The usual riposte to this is the old Hitler/Stalin/Mao killed way more people than religion ever did. First, untrue but widely believed. Second, just imagine the inquisition with mustard gas and machine guns. Religion was never limited in it’s vicious desire to kill what it could not dominate. It was limited only available technology. Look Ma! I’m arguing with myself!

  3. Critic Says:

    Sam Harris states the most compelling argument that religion truly is evil. It is hard to imagine the stupidity of killing someone because they don’t revere your imaginary god in the same way you do…..well, it’s hard for me to imagine doing that. It’s obviously not too hard for the children of god to do that.

    In my early exposure to religious folks, a lot of time was spent denigrating other religions while shoring up belief in their “true religion.” But, I suppose that if one is forced to believe in stupid ideas, that belief must be reinforced using all means possible.