1st June 2008

“Christianity doesn't, to its credit, do a whole lot about diet. It does go on a lot about sex, though. It has ruined, irreparably ruined the happiness of millions and millions of people for generations by doing so and threatens to do the same now.”

Christopher Hitchens

One Response to “1st June 2008”

  1. Terence Meaden Says:

    The anti-sex drive was initiated by Paul. This is a very serious subject. I’ll write about that another time.
    Just now, let’s have a bit of humour, seeing that Christianity “does go on” about wine. But how much does it have to say about beer?

    Our lager
    Which art in barrels
    Hallowed be thy drink
    Thy will be drunk
    At home as in the tavern
    Give us this day our foamy heads
    And forgive us our spillages
    As we forgive them who spill against us
    And lead us not into incarceration
    But deliver us from hangovers
    For thine is the beer
    The bitter & the lager
    For ever & ever, Barmen.