4th June 2008

“Arranged marriage is not something recommended by Islam. Nor is genital mutilation. Many people say this is our tradition, our religion. But it is unacceptable, whatever the reason. I will not be scared into silence. I will never accept that women and girls are oppressed in the name of religion.”

Nyamko Sabuni

7 Responses to “4th June 2008”

  1. Bornagain A. Theist Says:

    You may not “never accept that women and girls are oppressed in the name of religion”, for they clearly ARE! You clearly MAY never accept that it is RIGHT that they are.

    Arranged marriage IS something recommended my the practitioners of several religions, including Islam and others. The first person who committed genital mutilation should have been killed; likewise every human being on the planet who continues the practice. Even circumcision should be halted immediately, for it is, too, genital mutilation. Far less harmful than the removal of the clitoris, but wrong, nevertheless.


  2. Chris Says:

    Um, circumcision is genital mutilation. Wasn’t that, mandated by the epileptic seizure, that is to say, God? So, BIG (big invisible guy, like it?) only gets to pick on boys? Sabuni does seem to be correct on FGM. And while the Islamicidal faith doesn’t seem to REQUIRE arranged marriages it does seem to be the norm which owes to the very low value people raised in those cultures place on women. Come on – they often SELL their daughters. Sometimes years before they even hit puberty so they end up servants in the household until old enough to consummate their marriage. Sabuni’s gonna defend this barbaric crap? The religion sets up and protects the rejection of education and modernity that is needed to kill this monster.

  3. Terence Meaden Says:

    “Here is a brave non-religious former Muslim. In Sweden she is Minister for Integration and Gender Equality. In the Swedish newspaper Expressen in 2006, she called for mandatory gynecological examinations of all schoolgirls in order to prevent genital mutilation. She has proposed a ban on the hijab for girls under 15 and advocated the inclusion of ‘honour killings’ as an independent category within the Swedish criminal code.

    Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is usually done without anesthetic on girls before puberty. Their clitoris is partially or completely removed—sometimes more is cut away. This inhibits or terminates sexual feelings. About 100 to 140 million women worldwide have been cut in this way. The ongoing rate is about four girls a minute—which amounts to about 10 girls while I have been writing this. In countries where FGM is common it is practiced by Animists, Christians, and Muslims—e.g. across swathes of equatorial Africa. It is occasionally performed in North America on girls of families who have immigrated from countries where FGM is common. Female genital mutilation is illegal in many countries, including Britain. Do offenders get caught?”

  4. Hypatia Says:

    Do offenders get caught?”

    Not to my knowledge. Like forced marriages, I think this mostly happens after girls are whisked back to their parents’ home country under some pretext.

    There was some discussion about pro-active examinations to detect violations but I think it got sat on because of fears that it might harm “community relations”.

  5. victor pedraz Says:

    Sabuni should learn to read, look and listen. It may not be obvious to those who care not to observe.

  6. Chris Says:

    FGM is entirely about mistrust and dominance of women. It doesn’t require religion but wrapping it in religion makes it easier to justify.

  7. Chris Says:

    Throwing a little meat to the lions…check this out: