31st July 2008

“It is unreasonable to require a rational, non-religious person to respect irrational superstitions. We should respect believers as individuals but tolerance, rather than respect, for their views is all that can be expected if we are to be sincere.”

Chris Newell

2 Responses to “31st July 2008”

  1. Terence Meaden Says:

    Quite so. Yet we have to get the believers to grasp the idea of tolerance too because the ardent ones are not tolerant towards us although we are the ones with arguably a philosophically unchallengeable case in response to the nonsense that is religion. We ought to win every argument, great or small, ‘hands down’. The religionists should feel ashamed of themselves each time they encounter us for believing in such stupidities—and yet they mostly do not.

    I repeat my Atheistweb words of July 10th which need hammering into the heads of those zealots:
    “Religion is the outward manifestation of false beliefs that exist nowhere but inside people’s heads. ‘God’ is nothing but a fancy of storytelling that is just clever enough to convince the feeble-minded but not silly enough to be revealed to them as the imposter that it is.”
    Although this is blatantly obvious to us, we have much work to do because none of the religions are supportable by real logic and none of them are associated with any evidence. And yet the religions, the believers and anti-believer intolerance persist.

  2. Critic Says:

    Nothing gets the godbot community riled up like the feeling that they are being persecuted. And, in their feeble minds, persecution is evidenced in another’s disbelief in, or lack of “proper” respect for, their specific version of the inane fairy tale about the man in the sky.

    What does tolerance mean in this case? Intolerance to me is enacting laws against any form of religion and tolerance is not enacting those laws. Allowing folks to follow their religious pursuits but being able to publicly state that their beliefs are stupid and explain why without screams of bigotry from the poor ignorant godbots is probably too much to ask.