9th August 2008

“Nietzsche was right to say that human beings had killed God. Even fundamentalists bear witness to the fact that men and women can no longer be religious in the same way as their ancestors. In the pre-modern world, it was generally understood that while reason was indispensable for mathematics, science or politics, it could not, by itself, give human beings access to the divine. But the extraordinary success of scientific rationalism in the modern world has made reason the only path to truth. We assume that God is an objective fact, like the atom, whose existence can be proved empirically. When we find the demonstration unconvincing, we lose faith.”

Karen Armstrong

One Response to “9th August 2008”

  1. Terence Meaden Says:

    Nietzsche was writing from the viewpoint of intelligentsia.

    The deceit of the simple began when persuasive but ignorant human beings created god as a picture in people’s brains. It has been the intelligentsia who spotted the mental swindle and have chased the fraudulent claims of religion from their own heads.