24th August 2008

“Slandering atheists has not yet been labelled politically incorrect, and many people, including priests and rabbis, have taken full advantage of this impunity.”

Damian Sowers

2 Responses to “24th August 2008”

  1. Terence Meaden Says:

    Seeing that atheists are on the side of rationality with impregnable science, logic and truthfulness supporting them, the doctrinaire carpers who irrationally uphold the supernatural and its manifest absurdities are in no position to criticize. Yet they do; and they largely get away with it from a timid public.

    It would be better to confront traditional conventions that allow god-believers to escape with crass, intellectually-deceitful comments than to press a case that atheists should be protected on the basis of a kind of political correctness; because that would continue to shore up the quaking quicksand on which the godbots attempt to stay their ground.

    So let us more openly criticize the faith-believers who have no reasoned case to justify when faced with well-presented atheist challenges.

  2. John Sutton Says:

    Exactly. And we need to do more than converse on the Internet.

    At the risk of repeating myself, atheists have to be more active in joining and supporting (financially) organisations that will lobby on their behalf. We have to aggregate, accumulate and pontificate.