1st September 2008

“Religious people don't trust the secular because they believe them to be amoral. The secular don't trust the religious because they believe them to be irrational.”


2 Responses to “1st September 2008”

  1. Roland Says:

    eeh… I would like to add “and amoral”

  2. noigiler Says:

    Who says religion has a monopoly on morals? My kids learned anything the church could offer on morals before they were 10. That’s the wonderful thing about atheism. Once we’ve figured something out through science, we’ll go on to the next thing. We progress.
    And voila, 2000 years later and one side has developed the ideas for everything we use in our world today; while the other side is stuck on ‘good’ for 2000 years.
    Are you good?
    I’m trying.
    Working on it.
    Let’s meet for another 2000 years and discuss goodness.
    Sounds good!
    See you next week. Be good.
    Shhheeeesshhhh! Read a nonfiction book! It’ll help tame irrational behavior.