11th September 2008

“As I get older, I want less and less to believe that peace can be found in the hereafter, and that I am special in the eyes of God. Instead, my personal creed that there is no hereafter means that we have to try and alleviate suffering now, that life is meant to be enjoyed by ALL and we can not stand idly by in the face of oppression. We can not wait for some merciful or kind God to bring us happiness and joy after we die – we must create our own happiness here, and help build a world where people do not kill each other and our institutions do not keep people afraid.”

M. LeBlanc

4 Responses to “11th September 2008”

  1. Chris Says:

    Bravo! The belief in the S.F. and heaven is a handy little excuse for indifference to suffering. “It’s horrible that they suffer so but it’s God’s will and if they are good in His eyes then they have an eternity in heaven to look forward to.” Jesus, if such a character existed, said “take no thought for the ‘morrow!” What a TERRIBLE and dangerous idea!

  2. Rhos Says:

    Absolutely. One of the best quotes I’ve read. Eternity in heaven sounds very boring indeed.

  3. Terence Meaden Says:

    Yes. “Eternity in heaven sounds very boring indeed”.

    I have encountered creationists and asked them: what are you going to do in the first billion years of your afterlife, and then after that what about the second billion, third billion and so on.

    I ask because I know people (and I think you may be one of them) who do not know what to do on a single wet Saturday afternoon.

  4. Chris Says:

    Heaven: Upside, Magic ovens that produce Chicago style deep dish pizza. Downside, harp muzak. Upside, you get your dead dog back. Downside, get to share a cell with Oral Roberts. Upside, taxis are free! Downside, all the restaurants are kosher.