16th September 2008

“Many religious people believe that atheism and immorality are synonymous, and a scientific world view often is associated with criminality, as demonstrated by the favorite religious assertion that atheism served as the foundation for Nazi dehumanization (as if the age-old blood libel had nothing to do with the caustic discrimination toward the Jewish people).”

Damian Sowers

2 Responses to “16th September 2008”

  1. Critic Says:

    As I have not doubt stated on this forum before, this kind of thinking really pisses me off. As if the mere fact of being a member of some religion makes one more moral through the power of god.

    I wonder if the power of god’s morality was helping the pedophile priests by holding the alter boys still while they were being buggered?

    I am sure that being a member of a religion can easily provide a justification for immoral acts. Such as the burning of Jews by the moral Christians in Passau Germany in 1478 – way before the Nazis took on the task (as alluded in the QoTD).

  2. Chris Says:

    Critic – I agree completely.

    The one word response to the idea that Christian religion incites people to moral behavior: “Pogrom”

    Someone show me an atheist instigated pogrom and I’ll admit that atheist morals are at least as bad as religious morals. Until then, I think we’ve got the high ground.

    And no, Stalin and Mao do not count since their purges were NOT done in the name of atheism but rather political ideology. The fact that they may have been atheist is incidental. They may also have both liked ice cream but that wouldn’t make ice cream eaters evil.