22nd September 2008

“The prospect that Sarah Palin, a self-confessed creationist, may one day have at her disposal the firing button to launch intercontinental ballistic missiles is quite terrifying. She will, however, have to reconfigure the missiles, as they have presumably been set on the mistaken premise that the earth is spherical, whereas everybody knows that it is flat.”

Roger Marsh

3 Responses to “22nd September 2008”

  1. Nefari Says:

    Should Sarah Palin ever be in a crisis with Russia or China, and the nuclear option starts becoming viable, I want to know she will consider that option with all the terror and responsibility that it entails, and not have a little voice in the back of her mind telling her “It’s OK, it will help Jesus return.”

  2. chris Says:

    My friends, I give you Sam Harris’ op-ed on Sara Palin in the latest issue of Newsweek:


    An instant classic…

  3. Nefari Says:

    Great article, Chris. Not helping me sleep though.