14th October 2008

“To discriminate against a thoroughly upright citizen because he belongs to some particular church, or because, like Abraham Lincoln, he has not avowed his allegiance to any church, is an outrage against that liberty of conscience which is one of the foundations of American life.”

Theodore Roosevelt1901 – 1909

One Response to “14th October 2008”

  1. The Atheist Advocate Says:

    Were people in days of old wiser, or did they have a much better grasp of the English language? Why can’t recent or incumbent presidents have these same ideals? I pray to see the day when churches lose their tax exempt status and “In god we trust” is removed from our monetary system! (BTW, that ‘pray’ thing was indeed a joke!) 😉

    Now THAT is what I call an atheist quote! Bravo, Bravo!