17th October 2008

“Surely the anti-contraception, anti-condom stance of the Catholic Church, at a time of the HIV/Aids pandemic and of unwanted children being born into already large families, is itself, akin to genocide. Each year, about 775,000 Ugandan women are pregnant against their wishes; four in ten pregnancies in Uganda are unintended.”

Kevin O'Connor

2 Responses to “17th October 2008”

  1. Rhos Says:

    Any lawyers out there? What are the chances of successfully dragging the catholic church to the international law courts on charges of genocide?
    They could slot the pope in just after Radovan Karadzic at the Hague.

  2. Critic Says:


    You would have to get Warren Buffett or another medium-size country to fund your law suit. After all, the catholic church has been hoarding wealth stolen from everyone imaginable for the last 1500 years. Hard to fight such a well funded organization.

    Maybe a rich Arab in the ‘grease bidness’ (as they say in Texas) would like to help? Call up Sheikh Saleh Kamel and see if he would like to fund the venture.

    Once you have your funding, you will have plenty of attorneys begging to take the case.