16th November 2008

“Any erudite atheist does not claim to 'believe in a mindless universe' nor does he/she 'believe in a humanity that is the chance by-product of random chemical processes'. What the atheist believes in is evidence.”

Brian Taylor

3 Responses to “16th November 2008”

  1. Terence Meaden Says:

    Erudite atheists believe in facts and therefore fact-supported evidence.

    Scientific atheists see that this leads to a concept of ‘a mindless universe’ and that the consequence is ‘a humanity that is the chance by-product of random chemical processes’.

  2. antitheist Says:

    I personally don’t appreciate others explaining “what atheists believe” as a group. We do not all think alike and I don’t subscribe to every thought process as every other atheist in the world. It would be best if people would explain their own thoughts and beliefs and not stereotype atheists (or theists for that matter, who also don’t all believe the same thing).

    The only statement I would feel comfortable about making as a general description is the word itself. Atheist means “not a theist”. You could be an agnostic atheist, an antitheist atheist, or several other types of atheist, but if you are not a theist, then you are an atheist by definition. Beyond that, I am allowed to subscribe to whatever pleases me.

    I, like many of my friends, believe only what I can observe, duplicate and document as factual, using the rules that apply to this universe as we understand them today. I reserve the right to change my thoughts and opinions as new evidence and facts are presented.

  3. Chris Says:

    TM – beautifully put.
    Anti – We are a bit like herding cats. But even cats are united in their approval of meat.

    I think it safe to say that the quote is essentially correct. There are many who believe in no god but do not have a philospophical underpinning to this non-belief. One who has come to the conclusion, however, has made a conscious decision about the weight of evidence. I think this is particularly true of those raised theist and later cast it away.