2nd December 2008

“Christian Creationism is bogus science and deplorable. But Islamic Creationism is bogus science that it's 'culturally inappropriate' to criticise. Which is more dangerous, do you think?”

Damian Thompson

3 Responses to “2nd December 2008”

  1. benjamin Says:

    I can’t imagine what it must be like in the UK now, considering how even the Archbishop of Canterbury wants to establish Sharia law courts throughout the country…now THAT is horseshit

  2. Antitheist Says:

    Muhammad was a warrior who forced religion on oppressed peoples. To the question posed, Islam is worse because it is barbaric in nature. Believe or die! All religion is dangerous. I do take the point, that we must rid ourselves of Islam first since it is the most dangerous. I believe that the human race is still very young and will not progress into the next age until religious superstition can be eradicated. This will not occur in my great-great-great-grandchildren’s lives, but it must start somewhere, for it is worse than the threat of communism faced in the Vietnam era, or aids in this era. Religion kills!!!

  3. Chris Says: