13th December 2008

“Classical European civilisation was created by Greek and Roman philosophers, scientists and mathematicians. The spread of Christianity, from about the 4th century, marked the beginning of a period that has since come to be known as the Dark Ages.”

Colin Wilson

3 Responses to “13th December 2008”

  1. Terence Meaden Says:

    Exactly so.
    I did not know of this quote, but it is the course of history that, as an atheist, I had noted, and which I have expressed in this manner in a book of history that I have been writing from the atheist viewpoint.

  2. Tony Pro Says:

    As far as I’m concerned, christians still live in the dark ages.
    A “Dark Age” will always follow a blatant usage of illogical teachings.
    I acutely feel the Dark Ages returning with religions pervasive dark hands reaching into every aspect of my life

  3. Chris Says:

    And lets not kid ourselves that there aren’t lots of fundamentalists still alive and kicking that are itching for an ayatola. If these people were loosed in a country of their own, to make their own laws as many Muslims are, is there anyone confident that witch burnings and stonings wouldn’t follow? They like to shake their heads at the barbarity of savage sharia law and fail to see that there is no daylight between your average Muslim fundy and your average christian fundy. What’s missing to make one into the other is simply opportunity.