16th January 2009

“His defence boiled down to this 'I am a Catholic priest, I've taken a vow of poverty, and child-support laws can't touch me'”

William Lobdell

2 Responses to “16th January 2009”

  1. Rev. MC Hammer Says:

    Can’t touch this.

  2. The Atheist Advocate Says:

    William Lobdell is an atheist.
    He was interested in converting to his wifes faith, christian, in 2001. He was doing research for an LA Times story on christianity and realized through his research that he was on the wrong side of the fence. Everything he learned about “good christians” turned his stomach. The above quote he received from a priest who had a child with a parishioner, and refused to pay child support for. He researched the sexual abuse priests were charged with. He also investigated the TV evangelists and the greed factories they ran, asking people to leave their doctors and allow faith to heal them.

    Bill Lobdell is a born again atheist. Welcome back Bill 😉