24th January 2009

“Religion involves the fettering of the pursuit of knowledge, a certainty based on ancient texts, a preference for faith over reality, applications of moral law over ethical behavior and archaic values over progress. This is what it means to be a Bible believer.”

Jeffrey Metzger

One Response to “24th January 2009”

  1. The Atheist Advocate Says:

    Being a bible believer is easy, if you have never known anything else. I don’t think it is the fault of the believer. I think it is the fault of the teacher, who indoctrinates youngsters. We are all born atheists. Religion must be learned. It is inherited. If we could find a way to stop the indoctrinations, we could finally put an end to the dogma. Indoctrination should be outlawed as a form of child abuse. If, after legal age, a person still chooses to accept a religion, such as Tom Cruise has done in Scientology, then that is their legal right. But not until the person has come of legal age to make the determination on their own, as a consenting adult.