25th January 2009

“On the subject of the nature of the gods, the first question is 'Do the gods exist or do the not?' It is difficult you may say to deny that they exist. I would agree if we were arguing the matter in a public assembly, but in a private discussion of this kind, it is perfectly easy to do so.”

Cicero106 – 43 BCE

3 Responses to “25th January 2009”

  1. Tony Pro Says:

    Gods? Who needs them?
    Long before Cicero, Socrates stated “There is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance.”
    A very adequate guidance system.

  2. Ed Says:

    Yes, I often wonder how many presidents really believe in a god. In the current climate, it would seem impossible to get elected without professing to be a theist. Obama is starting to pave the way, though! He mentions non-believers from time to time along side peoples of other religious persuasions when talking about the diversity of the population, implying that we ought to be accepted.

  3. Chris Says:

    I agree Ed. I had this conversation yesterday – If there were no stigma, how many of our politicians and pillars of the community would “come out” as being agnostic or out right atheist? I think a fair number. Many rulers have considered religion a very useful tool in controlling the common people. Reading this quote, however, reminds one how persistent is the wish-thinking ways of religion and how little progress we’ve made putting this kind of irrational stuff behind us.