25th February 2009

“Christians who are most vociferous in their denunciations of homosexuality seem to be obsessed with gay sex – and too often, it turns out they happen to be gay as well, but just in denial. Some Christians are vociferous in their denunciations of pornography and sex toys, but don't you wonder what they have stashed in the back of the closet at home?”

Austin Cline

6 Responses to “25th February 2009”

  1. AtheistAdvocate Says:

    Actually NO, I have never wondered about that!


  2. John Sutton Says:

    If we dwelt on their private sexual habits we would be as bad as they are. It is none of our business.

  3. Casper Says:

    Great site, and I visit daily. Terribly substandard and disappointing quote above though. Vacant, humorless, schoolyard stuff that is not worth repeating.

  4. Admin Says:

    Negative reactions acknowledged.

    The point I took from this quote was that vociferous denunciations of any kind are frequently associated with hypocrisy.

  5. AtheistAdvocate Says:

    You know, last month I submitted a quote that I found very thought provoking, on an automobile bumper sticker. There are many others like it, and worthy of posting, that I never see. I think what we are collectively asking for, is quotes commensurate with our intelligence. Quotes that show, with little expounding, the scientifically explainable atheistic point of view, while at the same time, the lack of evidence for a deity.

    BTW, the bumper sticker said…

    “Know God, Know violence
    No God, No violence”

    I rather like that! AND, I like the AQOTD, so keep things rolling Admin!

  6. Admin Says:

    All quotes submitted are gratefully received – and for the most part are accepted.

    However, unless they’re particularly topical they’re selected from the database at random – and since there are nearly 1400 quotes this may take some time. However in this particular case I might make an exception.