26th February 2009

“If people wish to live within their religious convictions, then they should have enough faith not to choose work that conflicts with their convictions.”

Unknown author

3 Responses to “26th February 2009”

  1. AtheistAdvocate Says:

    It is rather ironic that no theist has ever really followed the commandments. I’m not just talking about the big ten, I’m also referring to the other 600 or so, that are commands from god none the less.

    The most broken of them all is the sabbath day of non-work. Since god and jesus were both jewish, the sabbath is really on Saturday. Therefore, every christian should be put to death by stoning, so saith the lord!

    As a side note, when I have conversations with theists, mostly christians, I ask if they can recite the ten commandments. You know, the ones they want posted in every school. 95% of them can not recite them for me. That usually ends the conversation.


  2. Edgar Wing Says:

    This brings up a question I’ve been struggling with for a long time. I agree with the quote; people do not live according to their professed religious beliefs. This frequent observation makes me wonder whether these people actually do believe the stuff they say they do. I’m imagining, for instance, that if I believed that I would burn in some magical torture chamber for all of eternity if I did not obey certain special rules, then, AT THE VERY LEAST, I would make damn certain that (1) I knew the rules that I needed to follow; and (2) that I followed them at all costs! I imagine I would go through life a nervous wreck trying to make absolutely sure I did not do anything that increased my likelihood of ending up in Hell. But no one acts this way, except maybe a few diagnosably crazy people. I would not content myself with the religion fed to me by my parents when others make contradictory claims about what one needs to do to avoid the eternal flames; rather, I would become the world’s greatest theologian, trying to figure out which religion was the CORRECT one, the one that would ACTUALLY keep me out of Hell. But no one does this. It’s very curious. I do believe people have some level of belief in religious stuff; but it really seems to be something other than ordinary belief, the kind that makes you duck when something is being thrown at you, or that makes you not worry whether your next step is going to meet with solid ground. I’d love to hear others’ thoughts about the curious nature of religious belief.

  3. critic Says:

    AT THE VERY LEAST, I would make damn certain that (1) I knew the rules that I needed to follow; and (2) that I followed them at all costs!

    An amazingly curious aspect of religious belief is that the “rules” vary so widely between groups of the same religion and individuals of the same group. Being based on nothing but conjecture and fantasy, the religious “truth” that is the foundation for the rules may be the most fungible “truth” around.

    Secondly, at least in regards to xianity, apparently no one need ever go to hell as long as one doesn’t fuck up and forget to repent before death.

    It is actually a very convenient setup – stupid as can be – but convenient.