8th March 2009

“Funny isn't it, a woman and doctors who do what they must to save a little girl's life after rape are excommunicated. A Holocaust denier who shows no sign of recanting his obscene views has his excommunication lifted. Still, I suppose that little girl should be grateful she's not living in Iran or Somalia, where women who are raped risk being stoned to death for adultery.”

Ruth Gledhill

3 Responses to “8th March 2009”

  1. Chris Says:

    Funny? No. But not surprising, either. When the catholic church elevates a “former” Nazi to be pope it’s hardly out of character for that pope to be sympathetic to people with similar views. Am I supposed to feel better that the pope joined the Hitler Youth because “everyone was doing it”? I am to believe that God Almighty could find no better mouthpiece? Down with the catholic church and its legions of creepy pedophiles!

  2. John Sutton Says:


    Catholic priests should be referred to as creepy paedophiles, not creepy pedophiles. We don’t want to offend them do we.

  3. Kevin Brown Says:

    I agree with H.G. Wells, author of “Crux Ansata” that the Catholic Church is loathsome and should be abolished. The unrelated issue of an alleged Holocaust denier, however, carries difficulties. For instance, what is a holocaust? What is the story of “The Holocaust” and what is the evidence for it? If the historical reality differs from the propaganda story of six million Jews put to death, then how would pointing out that discrepancy be denial of anything save a falsehood? Additionally how would pointing out that which is false be obscene? And would not use of “The Holocaust” story to disguise the monstrous crimes of the Israelis perpetrated against the indigenous people of Palestine itself be obscene? If the lost lives and property of several million European Jews is justification for other Jews to steal lands, property, and lives of several million indigenous inhabitants of Palestine, then by what ethical standard can questioning the alleged events of “The Holocaust” be considered obscene? Condemning those who question Holocaust orthodoxy is much like Catholics condemning those it labels heretics.