11th March 2009

“The mildly offensive term 'values voters' to describe fundamentalists, evangelicals and the very religious generally should also be noted. The term seems to suggest that the irreligious, the secular and the moderately religious lack a concern for 'values' when they are merely possessors of different ones.”

John Allen Paulos

4 Responses to “11th March 2009”

  1. Chris Says:

    Indeed, infidels like me subscribe to many of the same values as those fundy types: Stealing? Bad. Murder? Bad. Adultery? Bad. Lying? Bad.

    I think the numbers speak for themselves, though. What are the prisons chock full of? Christians. Happy to be under represented in THAT population!

  2. Bornagain A. Theist Says:

    Value is not altogether an objective term. There is no real value in the opinions of fundamentalists, evangelicals or the very religious.

    The term is actually highly offensive since it implies that exactly the opposite of truth. The irreligious and the secular are the only members of the voting public who’s votes even ought to be counted.

    Once again, I express fanatical opinions because of the ever so urgent need for the truth to be heralded rather than the fantasy which rules religion and religious government.

  3. Please engage brain Says:

    The very religious have no real values. I have decided it’s wrong to steal. Religious people think god will punish them if they steal. These are two very different things.
    I’ve also decided not to covet my neighbours wife 😉

  4. Chris Says:

    BAT and PEB – nice points both. I particularly like yours PEB that you can’t really call it a “value” if no decision process was used and it’s simply an avoidance of punishment that drives the religious to behave.

    But if not “values” or worse “morals” what are we to call this decision that thinking people arrive at to do no violence on our fellow humans?