18th March 2009

“The rise of the West had much less to do with democracy than with the rise of secularism. The West's advance was chiefly related to the decline in the influence of religion that sought the truth by 'looking in' to see what God had to say, and its replacement by looking out, deriving authority from observation, experimentation and exploration.”

Peter Watson

3 Responses to “18th March 2009”

  1. Bob Says:

    Perhaps as compared to the Middle East, but what about Asia?

  2. Larry Huffman Says:

    Well…since the majority of people who settled in the west were moving from the religious strongholds in Europe and the middle east…and really knew little to nothing about Asian cultures…I would say that Asian culture had no real bearing on the growth of the west as described above.

    Asian cultures did not really begin to influence markets or ideologies until the middle of the 20th century, when one rogue nation decided to claim the entire Pacific. Until then, Asia was a novelty and a world apart, culturally.

  3. Larry Huffman Says:

    And…I meant no disresect to Asian people by saying their cultures were a novelty…I meant that they were to people in the west during the rise of secularism and democracy.

    Had to be novelty, as they only saw portions of the culture…usually very stereotypical…and very poorly understood.