19th March 2009

“The cover story about Darwin was a big mistake [on my part], an unforgivable error. In the current political climate in Turkey, something like that could be perceived as a provocation.”

Cigdem Atakuman

8 Responses to “19th March 2009”

  1. Edgar Wing Says:

    SHOULD nonbelievers be able to be open and vocal about their beliefs, even if it offends others? Of course. But we should be strategic about what we say and when. We need to keep the larger goal in mind. We don’t want to inadvertantly strengthen the opposition.

  2. The Heretic Says:

    Why is it that we have to take the high road? I mean, we are told to be tolerant of people of faith and to not offend them. Most don’t do us this courtesy. We are immoral heathens at best, and spawns of Satan at worst (infidels?). Yet, athiests are not responsible for most of the turmoil in today’s world (or throughout history.) I understand your point Edgar, but I hate being between a rock and a hard place. And we put ourselves there on purpose!!

  3. Larry Huffman Says:

    I do not see it as us taking the high road or compromising really. It is just being smart about our place…and by place I mean where we stack up in numbers and sentiment vs those who we would offend, and in turn what kind of authority over me do those I offend have.

    Notice, the author said Turkey. Now…if this was in the US or a western European nation, I would agree that we should not cave in to this and continue to print our messages, come what may…though I am not in favor of offending just for the sake of offending…there should be some restraint that shows that we are not the evil trolls under the bridge that we have been painted as for generations.

    In Turkey, however, one overt article could set things back and make things very difficult for all atheist who live there who just want to make a living and raise their family. If I lived in a middle eastern nation I would be very silent about my atheism given the current climate, I think. That is not weakness, it is survival.

    (Note here…as an atheist, I do not have a belief in something, so I do not believe my views are worth dying for…life is far too precious to throw it away on religion…for or against. I would be content to exist in a religious society being quietly atheist if that is what I had to do. My form of protest would not be to speak up but to try to find a more free place to live)

  4. Chris Says:

    Deep sigh…
    I see your point as well Edgar but personally I think there is nothing to be gained by allowing one side to be the main voice. The gentleman from the quote was the editor of a magazine that was sacked for his decision to celebrate the birth of one of history’s most important scientists by, *gasp*, placing that scientists image on the cover of the magazine.

    In the scientific community this is a settled question – Evolution is a FACT and Darwin’s theory of Natural Selection explains it. We ought not have to scurry out of the light to protect an ignorant mass of religiously muddled thinkers.

    I’m sorry for Cigdem Atakuman that he was fired but it was the right decision to place Darwin on the cover.

  5. Oxymoronic Christhinker Says:

    Chris or Admin:

    What magazine? Can you provide a link?

  6. Bob Says:

    In dealing with Islam, it seems everything is perceived as a provocation.

  7. Steven Says:

    She got her job back. Here is the link.


  8. Admin Says:

    She got her job back. Here is the link.

    Thanks Steven – that’s good to hear.