23rd March 2009

“They say that failing industries struggle to attract the talent. Maybe that's why all the exciting voices in any church, these days, seem to come from the Third World. And maybe that's why, every time either one of them opens their mouth, both the Pope and the Archbishop [of Canterbury] sound thoroughly out of their depth. Because, maybe, they are.”

Hugo Rifkind

2 Responses to “23rd March 2009”

  1. Larry Huffman Says:

    I suppose I am not too kind with respect to this. While I have known some intelligent and talented clergy members…the number is few, and far too many I have known are the opposite…unremarkable and talentless.

    Becoming a member of clergy takes no skills or talent. None. If you think about it, it merely requires a basic understanding of one book…one book that has been sliced and diced so often that there are plenty of published commentaries that can clearly give a talentless person the ability to appear to have some level of mastery. (I know this because I have an understanding of the bible that is at a very very high level…better than most clergy I run accross…and it has taken no real talent to acquire this…just the desire back when I was a believer.) Merely echo what some accepted and published authority has already forwarded. At it’s roots, it is not too different from the sciences…young aspiring scientists grab a hold of the writings or postulations of those who have come before. The difference is in the ability to pioneer. Science has many fronts where new research and further exploration can and does take place. The clergy member has but one book, and numerous commentaries on that one book. Nothing new arises, and it becomes increasingly harder and harder to get people to buy into that one book because it does not change, and it is falling woefully behind. It is a small, static, stagnant body of knowledge that requires no talent or skill to adhere to or teach.

    As I said…most are talentless or unremarkable. Maybe this is because that which they are pouring themselves into as a career has no basis in the natural world…that which gives them this false appearence of mastery is akin to having mastery over a fairy tale. And they realize that they are much closer to used car salesmen than any kind of literary intellectual. How they appear at a podium or how they sound reciting the same old verses over and over have more to do with their success than what they actually know or can do.

    So yes…the pope and all other religious leders who also find themselves acting as world leaders are all, to a man (or woman, but religion rarely permits that) woefully out of their depths…and it has real and painful consequences. The pope alone over the last couple of weeks has proven himself quite incapable of even having a clue as to what is needed by his loyal followers, and so he keeps condemning them further with his backwards doctrine that he cannot explain any better than you or I.

  2. Chris Says:

    Great post, Larry. Thanks.