30th April 2009

“Nothing can be more contrary to religion and the clergy than reason and common sense.”

Voltaire1694 – 1778

4 Responses to “30th April 2009”

  1. Bob Says:

    Voltaire was truly “enlightened”

  2. Oxymoronic Christhinker Says:

    Enlightened, yes, as well as a believer in God (deist?).

  3. Hypatia Says:

    I can forgive people from being deists pre-Darwin. Those who came afterwards who have no such excuse.

  4. Chris Says:

    Gonna lose my “atheist street cred” but I’ve really got no problem with someone believing in a non-personal, absent and long gone creator that doesn’t interfere in human affairs in other words, the deist position. I know many nominal theists that are good for goodness sake and really have no fear of hell.

    This assertion of Voltaire’s is continually proven correct. It’s been said that the greatest cause for people to give up the god delusion is a reading of the bible. Even though we have a propensity for believing irrational things we are also moved by rational argument and can only suspend common sense for so long.

    I think Voltaire’s point is well understood by the priestly pedophiles – why else did they try so hard to prevent the bible from getting into the hands of their flock? Once people could read it for themselves instead of being spoon fed by priests it didn’t take long for a small but always growing number to realize that it was (is) an enormous crock of crap.