28th May 2009

“Faith is the ultimate product of deadly serious conditioning, a helpless child being the subject. In this context the Church is concerned above all else not with the welfare of a child's soul but with its own perdurability.”


2 Responses to “28th May 2009”

  1. John Says:

    Brainwashing; isn’t that a form of torture and maybe that explains why torture is so easy for christens here in the US? Just having this forum to question their logic; not long ago would have been a death sentence. Much like in the other world faiths… Hum…..

  2. Chris Says:

    Unquestionably true. All priestly parasites know that if you don’t get ’em young, you’re not going to get them. It’s why they are so interested in school prayer, god on the money, resistance to science education, signs and crosses everywhere you look, the culture wars. It’s all part of their indoctrination and the promotion of the myth that “everyone believes in god” and the explicit bigotry against other faiths. If you don’t teach a kid to hate (or at best, exclude) when they are young, you have a harder time later.