3rd July 2009

“The main traditions of scholarship and jurisprudence in Islam – both the Shia school and the four main Sunni ones – draw on Hadiths (words and deeds ascribed with varying credibility to Muhammad) to argue in support of death for apostates. And in recent years sentiment in the Muslim world has been hardening. In every big apostasy case, the authorities have faced pressure from sections of public opinion, and from Islamist factions, to take the toughest possible stance.”

The Economist

2 Responses to “3rd July 2009”

  1. John Says:

    The power of the preacher be questioned and challenged? Praise be to the dollar!

  2. Aaron Says:

    I know its of the subject a little, Ive just reminded of the american one dollar bill as a result of the above post. On it full of symbolism, With out getting into detail one of the obvious is “Church” on the left hand side and “State” on the right hand side. Right in the center is “ONE”, Translate, church and state are “ONE”
    Their are other symbols which, Well?… Anyway…Thats my worthless five cents worth.. L.O.L…….

    Live long and prosper