28th July 2009

“Nowhere in the gospels, or even the Bible in its entirety, is the question of whether or when an embryo is due the moral status of a person directly addressed. Hence, there is room for variation within Christian thought about the ethics of abortion and, a fortiori, about its appropriate legal position. There is no single characteristically Christian view of the matter. Even within the specific history of Roman Catholicism, there is not a sole traditional view. What is thought of as traditional orthodoxy now was not always the accepted view.”

Professor Hugh McLachlan

2 Responses to “28th July 2009”

  1. Chris Says:

    Indeed, if God is the mass murderer he’s made out to be, killing men, women, children and presumably embyos, it would seem God doesn’t even afford people much moral status. I’ve never quite got this: Religions ALL seem to make such a big deal about small clumps of unviable cells yet can justify all manner of brutality to larger clumps that drive to Starbucks for a nice espresso.

    You’d think the bible with all it’s helpful advice on not mixing fibers when weaving cloth might have included something on, say, germ theory of disease.

  2. John Says:

    I’ve said it before… it’s all in what your preacher tells you. And, don’t they always maintain a vested interest in fooling their sheep on the rear entry?