2nd September 2009

“Half a century ago, the objective values for which the Irish hierarchy had serious regard included obstructing a health service designed to protect the lives of mothers and their children: communism by another name, the Church howled. And the poor and their babies died in droves.”

Emer O'Kelly

5 Responses to “2nd September 2009”

  1. __HRB__ Says:

    WTF? Communists are atheists, and because believing in God is silly, socializing medical services must be reasonable?

    Another one of these ‘wisdoms’ and I’ll unsubscribe.

    Here’s a quote of my own:

    “One thing that is worse than waking up in a Russian jail is waking up in a Russian hospital.”

  2. Gus Gus Says:

    Some of these quotes are getting to the point where they don’t apply to atheism anymore. Many atheists may indeed be part of the US Democratic Party and thus on the side of universal health care, but I think we may be alienating those who are not.

    I would prefer if, from now on, we stuck to atheist quotes, not political quotes that usually apply to atheists.

  3. Admin Says:

    Surely you don’t want me to solely post things here that you agree with? What would be the point in that?

  4. Hypatia Says:

    because believing in God is silly, socializing medical services must be reasonable?

    It doesn’t say that does it?

    BTW has the Catholic church in the US stopped obsessing about abortion long enough to have a view about the Democrat’s health plan?

  5. Chris Says:

    I think this quote is very much on topic. Here you have the Catholic church injecting itself into a public health matter for reasons of silly dogma. And people died as a result. Are they less culpable than they were in, say, the inquisition? Sure, they don’t hold the knife but their policies and advocacy leave people just as dead, suffering, poor. Are they not responsible for millions of deaths in Africa due to their silly and dogmatic (and immoral!) policy on contraception?

    And BTW – Medicare (which most seniors can’t do without) is govt run medicine of the type the Congress is debating. And where do you think Congresspeople get surgery? Bethesda Naval Hospital, by chance? If you’re really opposed to a public option, then begin advocating the elimination of Medicare and Medicaid. Hell, throw in Social Security while your at it. And who needs Firemen? I know! We’ll “let the states handle it”!