21st September 2009

“It's interesting how religion tends to corrupt genuine humility, previously known as 'know your place'. I'll take equality over any form of humility.”


2 Responses to “21st September 2009”

  1. Brian Delrosario Says:

    Religion corrupts because it discourages doubt and critical thinking. Followers admire faith, which is acceptance without reason or evidence. In fact, the more a follower’s belief conflicts with reason and evidence, the stronger the faith. Your thoughts?

  2. holysmokes Says:

    Brian, I think one way to discourage such a phenomena is to get people to realize just how poor the word “faith” truly is. If it were routinely exchanged in discussions to more accurate phrases such as “blind followship” or “reasonless hope” perhaps it would cause more critical thinking amongst believers. We should all make it point when having discussions with the religious, to exactly that. Perhaps it will help lower the value of that word.